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Welcome to GG Marketplace - Your Culinary Companion!

Life moves fast in Singapore, and so do we. At GG Marketplace, we've crafted an online haven for those who crave delicious, ready-to-eat meals and traditional snacks that fit seamlessly into the rhythm of your dynamic lifestyle.

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At GG Marketplace, we're not just in the business of providing food; we're in the business of enhancing lifestyles. Our multichannel online store is a haven for busy Singaporeans, offering a thoughtfully curated selection of ready-to-eat meals and traditional snacks.

What Makes Us Tick?

Culinary Convenience: We understand the challenges of modern life, and our products are tailored to meet the need for quick, delicious, and hassle-free meals.Long-lasting Freshness: Our items are not just about immediate gratification. Store them in your chiller or freezer, and they'll be as fresh and flavorful as the day you bought them.


Quality shouldn't come at a premium. GG Marketplace is committed to offering affordable prices, ensuring that indulgence is within everyone's reach.

A Taste of Tradition: Bak Kwa

Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa was founded in 2018 with a dream of having the younger generations enjoy Freshly Grilled Bak Kwa, just like the founders did when they were young.

Amidst our modern offerings, we celebrate the timeless with our authentic Bak Kwa—a Chinese New Year delicacy that transcends generations. Discover the joy of savoring this grilled pork jerky, a taste that's steeped in tradition yet perfectly fits the pace of contemporary life.

Join the GG Marketplace Family. Whether you're a casual customer seeking a culinary adventure or a potential business partner looking for a dynamic collaboration, GG Marketplace welcomes you to a world where convenience meets flavor. Let's redefine the way Singapore eats!

We are located at Food Xchange @ Admiralty

Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa Pte. Ltd.

8A Admiralty Street,#05-31 Singapore 757437

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