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Probably the best bakwa in SG. The fact that it is a healthier bakwa makes eating eat feels less sinful too! would order again!


Rizky Budiyanto
"Excellent Bakwa that is less sinful to eat. Love it!"

Everything about golden gourmet is great! We tried the signature bak kwa few weeks back and it was pretty unforgettable... Tasty , yet not a single bit of the usual oily after taste or sore throat feeling after eating so much! 😅Try it everyone!

Criz Lim
"We tried the signature bak kwa few weeks back and it was pretty unforgettable."
yayyyy!!! so happy to receive my bak kwa ordered from Golden Gourmet through Kor- The Ladyboy Marketplace 😍 I can start to kiap the roti with bak kwa liao, no need wait till CNY to satisfy my craving!!! 👍😋
Destinee Shino
" need wait till CNY to satisfy my craving!!!"

FYI, your chilli bak kwa is the most tender & best flavoured... my Hubby’s impressed that your items are delivered in good condition i.e. well-packed & well-presented too! He commented “Good Admin”

Belinda Tan

We are located at Food Xchange @ Admiralty

Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa Pte. Ltd.

8A Admiralty Street,#05-31 Singapore 757437

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About Us - An Independant Review

Russell Woo

Founder - Nexin Digital

Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa was founded in 2018 with a dream of having the younger generations enjoy Freshly Grilled Bak Kwa, just like the founders did when they were young.

Like fine wine, the maturation of its recipe over more than 40 years has resulted in the perfection of its Bak Kwa. The flavour, tenderness and distinct charcoal fragrance is what you imagine the perfect Bak Kwa to be.

Perfectly balanced and not overpowering in any way. Unlike other Bak Kwa, it is a “less guilty” option as it uses lean pork that makes it “visually” fat free. It not greasy or slimy and doesn’t make you sick of eating it. You are guaranteed to be hooked on your very first bite!

Traditional tastes and methods of preparation are a rare find in a world where old recipes are being forgotten and traditional flavours becoming rarer than finding a diamond in the dirt. Not many in the younger generation wish to continue their family’s food business. Thus, the public lose their chance to enjoy the wonderful flavours of traditional local delights. However, Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa is an exception to this and that is what makes it a true treasure.

Staying true to their roots, they have preserved the hand made methods of production and techniques of the past. Their Bak Kwa is still freshly made daily and grilled over charcoal on a bamboo plate to bring out the flavour and fragrance. Currently, they boast a selection of 6 different kinds of Bak Kwa, Pork Floss and a selection of several roast meats, all of which are absolutely delicious.

Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa is also constantly pushing the boundaries in an industry where the last “new” flavour was created decades ago. Constant effort is placed in experimenting to create exciting products that appeal to the younger generation and current flavour trends.

At the time of writing, they are creating a premium probiotic Bak Kwa, combining traditional Bak Kwa with gut and other health benefits using the probiotic strain - Lactobacillus.

With such a product, Golden Gourmet aims to provide the market with the choice of healthier food options.

Like true trail blazers, they are not afraid of going outside their comfort zone. They want to go where no one else in the industry has gone before to create unique products that set them apart from the rest.

How It All Began

Like all good start up stories, theirs starts with humble beginnings filled with hard work, overcoming the odds and building a good reputation. In the 1980s, their family began selling Bak Kwa out of a tiny tent in an open field in the east side of Singapore. There, they would grill and package Bak Kwa to be shipped to customers.

Co-founder siblings, Josephine and Sky, started helping out in the family business at a tender age of 6. Yes, you read that right, 6 years old! While most kids were playing with toys and enjoying kindergarten, Josephine and her siblings were busy learning the operational aspects of their business and the family secret Bak Kwa recipe and grilling techniques. They started out with quality control and packing Bak Kwa for distribution. By age 9 they were taught the family technique for Bak Kwa grilling. Not being tall enough, they used empty oil drums to prop themselves up to properly grill the Bak Kwa.

After grilling and packing the freshly made Bak Kwa, they would stack it on a trolley and sell them in the wet markets nearby. Multiple trips to and from the Bak Kwa Grilling tent to the wet market were the norm as customers would snatch the Bak Kwa up as soon as they arrived! These wet market customers still recognize their faces today. Although they didn’t have a brand during that period, these same customers are still coming back decades later! More than 40 years of customer loyalty to a flavour that has left an unforgettable impression on them. How many local food dishes or brands do you know that has such a loyal fanbase even after 40 years?

Sub-par standards and anything but the best was not tolerated in by Josephine’s family. Every single detail was scrutinized; from the tenderness of the Bak Kwa to whether the charred bits were trimmed off properly and even if the packaging was done right. These high standards are clearly still adopted today as Josephine and team will not hesitate to throw away“average” and low standard Bak Kwa. Only the best for their customers.

The Future Is Bright

With Josephine’s and Sky’s deep experience in creating authentic, traditional Bak Kwa, Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa has transitioned from a tent on an open field to a production facility and office in Sembawang.

They have modernized their mode of operations and accessibility for their customers. Ordering their Bak Kwa online is now available, making it easier than ever for customers to buy and enjoy! Singaporeans can also enjoy free island-wide delivery with every purchase of 1KG of Bak Kwa. Checkout their different bundle offers with a selection of things at lower prices on their website. Be sure to order early as they usually reach maximum daily production fast!

With such a delicious product, great emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction, it is only a matter of time before Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa goes from being the Best Bak Kwa you never heard of to a brand that everyone can’t stop raving about.

- Russel Woo

Our Mission, Vision and Values


We are very confident in the taste and quality of our products but will continue to work towards ...developing new products, flavours and textures to meet the demands of today's trends. We strive to exceed expectations of service and quality by implementing best business practices and continuously updating and implementing the appropriate technology to improve our processes.


Our vision is for Golden Gourmet Bak Kwa Pte. Ltd. (GGBK) to be the premier brand and manufacturer to bring “Bak Kwa” and its related products to a global market and to break the paradigm of “Bak Kwa” being a seasonal product.


We strive to exceed expectations of service and quality by implementing best practices, demonstrating Integrity, Ownership, Transparency, Accountability, Efficiency, Reliability, Accuracy, Flexibility and Empathy in our business and continuously Innovating and implementing the appropriate technology to improve our processes - from preparation, packing, storage, order fulfillments to customer service.